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Get to Know Me

I’m Anthony, a Staff Developer Evangelist working remotely for Twilio in Seattle, Washington.


I write code on stage in front of a crowd.

I’ve always introduced myself as a developer, designer, and lover of tech. I am those things, but also much more. I’m more than a limited character count and a filtered photo to be found in the void of social media.

I’m a digital creator, an artist, a problem solver, a creative, a public speaker, a designer, an illustrator, a presentation guru, a storyteller, a listener, a photographer, a teacher, and a lifetime student. I’m an environmentalist. A mental health advocate. I support equal rights and income equality. I believe in reducing consumerism, globalization, and our carbon footprint. I’m a Texan with anti-Texas views. I believe in living in the present moment.

I am Taiwanese/Italian and proud of my ethnicity. Taiwan 🇹🇼 is my second home.

I have a passion for traveling and seeing all parts of the world. I like watching basketball and combat sports. I love food, you can always find me at restaurants around town. I like trying new things but I’m risk averse.

There’s still more to me than these things. Contact me to learn more.

Work History

Professional Experience

I’ve worked on professional projects involving back-end development, front-end development, data warehousing, ETL, and more. Due to these experiences, my skill set is rather broad. For more info, check out my resume.

2022-present skill-img


Staff Developer Evangelist

2023-present skill-img

Major League Hacking


2018-2022 skill-img

State Farm

Software Engineer

2017-2018 skill-img

Bank of America

Software Developer

2016-2016 skill-img

General Motors Financial

ETL Developer (Internship)

2019-2022 skill-img


M.S. in Engineering Management

  • 3.74 GPA
2014-2016 skill-img

University of Texas at Dallas

B.S. in Information Technology & Systems

  • 3.66 GPA, Cum Laude Latin Honors

Domain Knowledge

Wondering how I can provide value? I have experience in multiple domains related to software engineering and developer realtions.


Developer Relations

Through content creation, community building, and empathy I’m able to create trusted relationships with various developer personas.


Back-end Development

By implementing server-side application logic, I handle and manipulate data to develop API’s and services which can be consumed.


Front-end Development

Using client-side code, I create responsive websites that handle requests all the while, providing interactive experiences for users.


Tech Talks and Workshops

My approach to teaching is visual & interactive, while keeping things simple. My style has gotten a lot of praise in the corporate environment.


Technical Documentation

Many developers dread writing documentation, but I love it. Organized & easy to understand docs are key to educating developers.



With years of experience coupled with my enthusiasm for technology, I can give specialized advice to optimize applications, products, & businesses.


UI/UX & Graphic Design

While prioritizing great user experiences, with a keen eye for design, I can create beautiful yet functional interfaces and graphics.


Photography & Editing

I enjoy shooting portrait photography with my Canon EOS-RP. The real magic happens when I use Photoshop and Lightroom to edit the photos.


Technical Proficiencies

These are based on my own perceptions. Through life-long learning, I aim to improve my weaknesses and learn new skills.

Java & Spring Boot
Javascript & Node.js
Willingness to Learn


Anthony is a very fast learner and a very creative full-stack developer who is obsessed with creating beautiful, sleek, and functional websites.

Anh Chu | Software Engineer at Microsoft

Anthony’s passion and knowledge on new technologies and DevOps is much appreciated. He brings those expertise to help us build a stronger product team. Anthony has a lot of potential to grow his brand and has been working towards building the same.

Ranjita Sahu | Technology Engineer and Manager at State Farm

Anthony has excelled in his first year with State Farm, particularly with the competency expectations I have of a new employee and developer. I appreciate his ability to work with new developers on the team, his ability to dig in and learn, experiment, and try his best at new technical challenges. He was able to show his early leadership of the dev group and really surprised our program partners with his thoroughness and attention to detail.

Rich Novak | Technology Manager at State Farm

I have known Anthony for a couple of years, and he was our intern at GM Financial. As his manager, I had an opportunity to observe his participation and interaction in work and learning about the Data Integration area. He was an outstanding intern in all respects. Anthony has proven that through hard work and team work, he can accomplish tasks, learn quickly, and communicate effectively.

Kris Diaz | Assistant Vice President at GM

At a personal level, Anthony is well-disciplined with a pleasant personality. He was motivated to learn the material and apply it.

Kevin Heilmann | Data Integration Manager at GM