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TLDR: Twilio Seattle Meetup organized a Halloween-themed event in Seattle on October 24th! It was our second meetup since August and attendance increased by almost 3x. The goal was to create an event that gets people excited about Halloween by showing them how they can leverage Twilio to build spooky projects. We did this by demoing a project (built with Twilio Studio) that recreates a famous scene from the movie Scream. If you want to try it out, text (940) 394-8137.

We also had a guest speaker from Microsoft who demonstrated how to build Halloween-style Snapchat filters. Because the meetup was Halloween-themed, some dressed in costume (pictures down below). We also provided free food and prizes!

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact count but I think there were around 34 attendees (including our very own Gervis Cash, Lizzie Siegle, and Sarah Liu). With 20 survey results (for a response rate ~58%) the event had an NPS of 85.


Event Name: Halloween Seattle Meetup
Event Date: October 24, 2022
Who Attended: Anthony Dellavecchia, Gervis Cash, Lizzie Siegle, Sarah Liu
No of Attendees: ~34
Location: Seattle
Sponsored? Yes
Level: Free venue at the Microsoft HQ, called the Redmond Reactor. Catered food from Buca di Beppo. Provided prizes (Elgato Stream Deck, Blue Snowball Microphone, & Redragon mechanical keyboard)


  • Registered: 74 (52 from Meetup, 22 from Microsoft)
  • Attendees: ~34 (~46%)
  • NPS: +85
  • NPS Breakdown: 10(13) 9(4) 8(2) 7(1)

Event Strategy:

Goal Type (K/U/L) Measure Metrics Tactics
Have Fun and Get Attendees Excited About Twilio LOVE Net Promoter Score (NPS) +85 Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Drive Awareness of Twilio KNOW Number of attendees ~34 attendees Promote the event through various online channels.
Teach Twilio Studio KNOW Number of listeners ~34 listeners Demo an engaging project built in Studio that catches attention.



  • “This was fun! I enjoyed learning some low code ways to make fun stuff”
  • “Love seeing Twilio sponsor neat events like this. A+ star”
  • “Good food!”
  • “HELL YES!”
  • “Thank you it was great <3”


  • “I’d like a more hackathon focused structure.”
  • “Some of it went by a little fast.”
  • “Wish there was a way to get the assets for the AR filter to follow along.”
  • “If we could get a list of files to download ahead of time that would help.”
  • “A walkthrough/tutorial of the steps (or maybe recording) to go through later”


  • Venue: The Microsoft Reactor was incredible! I am seriously considering renting this space again. First off, the team was helpful and really easy to work with. Second, the venue was large and had everything you needed (games, seating, breakout rooms, free drinks, etc). The AV setup was one of the easiest I’ve used so far. Instead of an HDMI dongle, you could screen share wirelessly. And everyone had a good view, as there were plenty of monitors scattered around the room. Best of all, it was FREE to rent!
  • Growth: During our last meetup, we had around 85 members. Today, we have around 130! Most is organic growth coming from the meetup algorithm.
  • Attendance: With ~34 attendees, turnout was really great! I was worried that we wouldn’t have as many people since the event is in Redmond (20 minutes from Seattle) and because it was on a Monday (and the same day as Diwali).
  • Support: Last meetup was rough because I underestimated how much support I would need. This time we had plenty of support and lots of helping hands. Thanks again y’all!
  • Guest Speaker: The guest speaker was admittedly nervous, as it was her first time public speaking. But she did well and stayed calm when technical difficulties came up.
  • Energy: The energy was great, welcoming, and exactly what I was hoping for. I think the Halloween vibes helped. During open mic, many volunteers got on the mic and gave an introduction.
  • Food: Last meetup I used Chipotle for catering and it was underwhelming. I went with a local Italian restaurant and it was much better. The food was good, we had lots of it, and a decent variety of dishes.
  • Costumes: I wanted people to dress in their Halloween costume but was worried that no one would. To my surprise, we had 9 people in costume. And yes, there was a prize for best costume.
  • Prizes: Speaking of prizes, we had some pretty cool ones. The main prize was an Elgato Stream Deck and we gave it away to the person whose social media post from the event got the most engagement.


  • Surveys: I reused some printed out surveys from the last event and thought I had enough to pass around. But there weren’t enough and we might have missed out on some feedback because of that. Next time, I might try a virtual survey using Alex Goldman’s bot.
  • Blog Post: A goal of mine was to publish a blog post before the event which details how they can follow along. But I wasn’t able to complete it on time, so they had no reference point. But a few days later, I published it and was able to relay it to members.
  • Pre-Install: To the previous point, it would also be helpful to have links of assets, code, software, etc. that attendees could install beforehand.
  • Livestream: I was asked by some if we could livestream or have a recording. In the future I would love to do this but might need help with getting this setup. We’d need a dedicated camera+tripod to livestream.
  • Prizes: This was also in the Worked section, but !Worked because I had a few prizes that I didn’t know how to give away. There was a rubber ducky, notepad, and LEGO set that I just gave out because I ran out of ways to win.


  • The day before this meetup, Lizzie and I were at DubHacks ‘22 (a college hackathon in Seattle). I decided to promote the meetup over there and it helped. I got a few DMs and some students came! Mentioning free food probably helped.
  • I met a developer who just moved from NYC. They work for Lyft and deal with Twilio all the time (since Lyft is a large Twilio customer). They heard about the event pretty last minute but were still able to join.


Thanks for reading! 🙌

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