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TLDR: Set up Gmail forwarding so it looks like your email address matches your domain name.

Want to organize your email inbox?

How about exposing a different email address for different purposes?

I set up email forwarding so that I can receive emails to my existing Gmail inboxes, but use different email address names.

For example, these are my different email addresses:

  1. - general things
  2. - software development
  3. - job seeking
  4. - photography
  5. - design

What’s the Point?

Everything is

  • Organized
  • Routed
  • Exposed to the respective audience!

Use Cases

So, if I have a photography job, I can tell my client to email me at, or if I’m looking for a job, I can ask companies to email me at Then, those emails are nicely organized in Gmail.

How to Set it Up

First thing is to have a domain with a domain registrar such as Namecheap, Google Domains, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc (I recommend Google Domains). This post won’t go over instructions to set that up, so you may want to Google that first.

Next, you will want to enable Email Forwarding from your Domain registrar settings. I use Namecheap, so this image is from Namecheap, but a similar process will apply if you’re using a different registrar.


After that, you will want to redirect emails from an Alias to an existing email address.


As you can see, is an existing email address that I have with Gmail. I want emails sent to to be forwarded to

Next, log into your existing Gmail account, in this example it’s

  1. Go to Manage Google Account -> Security tab
  2. Enable 2-Step Verification
  3. Add an App Password

Step 1

  • Click on your google picture
  • Click on Manage Your Google Account
  • Click the Security tab Image

Step 2

(Image not shown)

  • Click on 2-Step Verification
  • Enable it and link it to your mobile phone
  • This will enable the App Password setting on the previous page

Step 3

  • Click App Passwords
  • Select Mail as the App
  • Select Other (custom name) as the Device
  • Enter your desired email address (i.e. or the email which you want to expose
  • This generates a one time password which you need to copy


Step 4

  • Back in Gmail, go to your settings
  • CLick the Accounts and Import tab
  • For Send mail as, click Add another email address


Step 5


Step 6

  • Enter for the SMTP Server
  • Enter the current email address you’re logged in as for Username (i.e
  • Enter the password which we copied earlier from Step 3


Step 7

(Image not shown)

  • A verification email will be sent to you so just verify it with the code Google sends you

Step 8

  • Back in settings select Reoky from the same address the message was sent to


Now your email alias is set up! You can add a filter and label in the next steps!

Step 1

  • Back in Gmail settings, click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
  • Create a new filter
  • In the To section add the new email address you created (i.e.
  • Click Create filter
  • Apply a label and name it with same name as your email address
  • Also apply filter to X matching conversations
  • Create filter


Repeat these steps for other email addresses you want

Now, you have successfully routed emails to various email address and organized them! For more info, watch this video.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™Œ

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