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Dev Rel Showcase

I created a website to showcase my technical blogs and Developer Relations journey.




React, Next.js, Front-end, Web Design


February 8, 2022


I don't have a lot of experience with React, so I wanted to learn by creating a React app.


Since I wanted to learn React, as well as showcase my Dev Rel journey, I created this!


I always enjoy learning new technologies and creating projects. This website (linked here) was created in just a few days as a way to showcase my ability to quickly learn new skills, as well as showcase my technical content creation. Here were my goals:

  1. Create a website with React and Next.js
  2. Write a Blog post (for beginners) to help others understand APIs
  3. Create interactive animations and supplement them with my blog post
  4. Curate a list of my favorite blog posts
  5. Create a Dev Rel roadmap to plan my future goals
  6. Document my thought process and design

My favorite features are:

  1. The interactive animations I was able to create
  2. The interactive Kanban board I was able to implement
  3. The fun confetti animation I was able to implement

Check it out here: link

You can find the repository here: link