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Do you like scary movies?

I built a Halloween project to scare friends and family. Try it out by texting (940) 394-8137, but beware it's creepy!




Twilio Studio, Low-code


October 27, 2022


How can you build an app that scares people on Halloween?


Built an app that re-creates a scene from Scream (1996)


It’s Halloween! Want to scare your friends and family with a fun app?

If you’re familiar with Scream, a famous movie from 1996, there’s a famous scene where a killer calls a victim. Watch it here:

I wanted to re-create this scene using Twilio, so I built it with Twilio Studio, a low-code tool from Twilio.

If you want to try it out, text anything to (940) 394-8137

I also wrote a tutorial, so you can build this app yourself. Check it out on Twilio’s Blog.