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JSON Resume Themes

Over 10, completely different themes for my Resume (in JSON).




Front-end, CSS, Web Design


November 1, 2021


JSON Resume has multiple themes, but some of some them don't work or look the way I want them to.


Since I created my own JSON Resume Registry, I could customize my own themes for my JSON Resume.


I customized and tweaked multiple existing themes for my resume, which can be viewed in conjunction with my JSON Resume. I didn’t build these from scratch, only customized them to my liking. Currently I have customized 14 themes, all of which can be viewed from the homepage of this site.

Users can easily view my Resume by selecting a different one from a dropdown menu.

Each theme is unique and has a different style for different audiences. Some themes are more traditional, whereas others are more design oriented. So depending on who my audience is, I can send them the corresponding resume.

My personal favorites are the Caffeine and Stackoverflow themes.

Feel free to check them out here: link.

You can install these themes as NPM packages with npm install. I also packaged them with GitHub packages.

View them here: GitHub or NPM.

Image * Caffeine Theme

Image * Elegant Theme

Image * Mocha-Responsive Theme

Image * GitHub Theme

Image * Stackoverflow Theme