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TwilioQuest Booth Extension

I built a video game extenstion for TwilioQuest with player challenges to teach Twilio APIs


Twilio Developer Relations


Game Development, Phaser.js, Tiled, Twilio


October 14, 2022


How can Twilio engage with attendees when having a booth presence at conferences?


Built a video game extension that attracts attendees to our booth, while also teaching them how to use Twilio APIs.


If you’ve been a company sponsor at a tech conference, you’d know that attracting attendees is difficult. This project solves that issue, because attendees can interact with a video game while also learning about Twilio products & offerings.

TwilioQuest is Twilio’s educational video game. Within the game, you can add your own custom extensions to it. I forked a version of Nathaniel’s, another Twilio Developer Evangelist, and added multiple features/improvements to it.

Check out a demo of it from this Youtube video:

You can check out the code on GitHub.