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Web5 Self Service Identity

I built a web app that issues credentials using Web5 technology




Web5, Decentralized Web, Identity, Nextjs, Python, Typescript


February 6, 2023


Your identity is stored and controlled by companies


Decentralized identity allows YOU to control your own identity, instead of corporations


What is a Decentralized Identity?

  • When you log into Facebook, you have to create an account and identity with them.
  • When you log into Instagram, you have to do the same thing.
  • When you log into TikTok, you do it again.

For every website you use, you create an identity and that is stored and controlled by that corporation. What if you could create 1 identity and share it across all platforms?

SSI (Self Service Identity) is a service created by TBD and Jack Dorsey that facilitates decentralized identity.

What is this project?

This web application is used to Issue a Verifiable Credential (in 3 steps):

  1. Create an Issuer ID
  2. Create a Schema ID
  3. Verify the Identity and Issue a Credential

A verifiable credential is used to verify the identity of a subject.

What technology is used?

  • Nextjs
  • Typescript
  • Python

GitHub Repo

Check out the code on the GitHub repo